How to order at Woodenasia?

Ordering at Woodenasia is very easy, you can contact the vendor who has been certified directly through Woodenasia. You can learn how to order on the How to Shop Woodenasia page

What are the advantages of Woodenasia?
  1. All products advertised on Woodenasia are legal and sustainable products. Woodenasia does not sell products that are not legally clear.
  2. Woodenasia presents informative and useful articles.
  3. Woodenasia is designed with a clean and simple appearance, including a neat categorization system so that all products can be easily searched and determined.
  4. Woodenasia aim to become the best information technology solution provider for Indonesian individuals and entrepreneurs and the world at large.
  5. Turning information technology challenges into beneficial opportunities and solutions for Indonesian individuals and entrepreneurs and the world at large.
What products are sold at Woodenasia?

Products sold at Woodenasia are forest products produced by individuals, groups and industries. Forest products sold include logs, processed wood, furniture, handicrafts, wall decorations, floors and decks. You can buy the product on the Woodenasia Shop Page

Who can sell at Woodenasia?
  1. Farmers and farmer groups who are able to guarantee the legality of raw material products and administrative documents for wood transportation.
  2. Industrial business units that have implemented SVLK (Timber Legality Verification System) certification or other legality requirements.
What are the requirements to sell at Woodenasia?

Vendoors wishing to sell at Woodenasia require having guaranteed legality of raw material products and wood administration documents (for individuals and groups), having SVLK certification (Timber Legality Verification System) or other legality (for industrial business units). Details about the terms of selling at Woodenasia can be found in Woodenasia’s Terms and Conditions